Adolescent girls from Latin America raise their voices at the Commission on the Status of Women

The CSW66 (Commission on the Status of Women) was held from March 14 to 25, 2022. As every year, Save the Children promotes the protagonist participation of adolescents in the various spaces and events that take place during this meeting, which annually focuses on a specific topic that affects girls and women around the world, and whose final product is a declaration or conclusions adopted by all member countries of the United Nations, which guides them in the next steps to be taken to achieve gender equality.

This year’s CSW focused on climate change, environment, disaster risk reduction and gender equality as a key factor in solutions. It recognizes for the first time the connections between climate change and gender equality, and that girls and women are disproportionately affected by the impact of climate change, such as droughts and floods and other environmental crises, as well as providing an opportunity to provide specific actions that member states, UN agencies and civil society can take to ensure resilience, mitigation and sustainable recovery, especially for all girls and women.

Marcia, Ximena and Milagros will undoubtedly continue to lead processes of sensitization and work with their networks and communities for the defense and promotion of gender equality. Thank you very much from the PASC team for making your voice heard so clearly and brilliantly. We are still in the fight!

This year, the PASC Program has been able to accompany the participation of three teenagers: Marcia, Ximena and Milagros, who have participated in different parallel events during these days. Among them, her participation in the working group that drafted the CSW66 Girls’ Declaration, her participation in the global conversation circles (where they were able to discuss and reflect on climate change, environment, gender equality and disaster risk management with other girls and adolescents from around the world) or the side event “Generation Equality: Responsibility for adolescent girls”, where Milagros was able to share her poem “The struggle of a giantess” about girls’ leadership.

According to Marcia, “the CSW66 events that took place were very productive for me and for many adolescent women from different countries and regions, who freely shared their experiences, expectations and goals they have achieved in favor of the environment, climate change and disaster risk reduction”.


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