Children and adolescents from Latin America and the Caribbean expressed their demands and proposals on racial discrimination.

Children and adolescents from Latin America and the Caribbean expressed their demands and proposals on racial discrimination.

Within the framework of the Civil Society Support Program of Save the Children and the organization Chicos.netmore than 250 children and adolescents from Latin America and the Caribbean raised their voices about racial discrimination, demanded their rights and promoted values such as equity, respect for diversity and a more inclusive world in the contest. “Zoom on your rights”.. Within the framework of Universal Children’s Rights Day, which is commemorated on November 20, this initiative, which for the past four years has been calling on children and adolescents to express their demands on human rights issues through a video, held its awards event, where the winning teams of this edition were recognized.

Through the contest, the children and adolescents, through their videos, expressed their demands and asked the governments of the region:

“That the Ministries of Education train their teachers, so that they can convey a positive message to their students and motivate them not to discriminate against their peers.” Guatemala.

“That the great diversity existing in each country of Latin America and the world be accepted. That the authorities act against ethnic and racial discrimination, and recognize it as a very current problem”. Peru.

“Let there be no discrimination. That we are heard. We are neighborhood school students and we want the same opportunities.” Argentina.

(Seer full video of lawsuits:

These and other proposals were heard during the event by recognized authorities in the field of human rights, who responded and reacted live, committing to take them to public and private advocacy spaces. The following were part of this space Esmeralda ArosemenaCommissioner and Rapporteur on the Rights of the Child of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), Luis PederneraMember of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, jurors of this edition, and Guillermo Delfino, General Manager for the Southern Cone of Discovery Latin America.

The award ceremony was also attended by authorities authorities from Latin America and the Caribbean, organizations organizations that address issues related to children’s rights and organizations working on issues related to racial discrimination.

The winning videos are:

First prize: “Todos somos uno” by Juan José and Camila. Buenaventura, Colombia.

Second prize: “Somos Migrantes” of the group “Comunidad Montecarlos”. Maicao, Colombia.

Special mention to the school and/or community project: “Diversity” of the Escuela Centro de la Primera Infancia N°4717. Salta, Argentina.

Mention for creativity in audiovisual production: “Without prejudice” by Casa del Niño. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mention to the musical theme for approach and composition (1st)0 Racism” of the group “La Armonía Épica”. San Martín, El Salvador.

Mention to the musical theme for approach and composition (2nd)Jhon Laurel, Yhuyhin – Kaqllan Kanchik”. Cusco, Peru.

“Racism has a lot to do with prejudices and stereotypes that are built from childhood. In order to make this situation so present in the region visible, we invite children and adolescents to demand their rights and express their demands. through their songs and videos seeking to generate transformations”, said Andrea Urbas, Director of

“Each year the initiative is more powerful because more and more actors unite around the causes and demands identified by the children of our region. It is very exciting to see how children and adolescents are protagonists and also how different civil society organizations, representatives of the human rights system, artists and the private sector come together to play an essential role in promoting a more inclusive and diverse society to eradicate racism,” he said. Ann Linnarsson, Director of Save the Children’s Civil Society Support Program.

The event counted with the special participation of the singer-songwriter, composer, activist and jury of this edition, Renata Flores, who sang live her song “Mariposas “Mariposas” (Butterflies) composed especially for this year’s contest, and announced the first prize.

The other members of the jury of this edition also spoke and announced the winning videos: Najat Maalla M’JidSpecial Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, Abel AronáteguiHe is the Cultural Coordinator of the Central American Educational and Cultural Coordination and Executive Director of the Contra-Peso Foundation, David WrightGlobal Director of Operations for Save the Children International, and Marcela CzarnyFounder and director of the Civil Association

This year the contest received the support of Discovery Latin America, the social network Tik Tok, and the organizations Identidad Marrón from Argentina and Jóvenes Emprendedores de Paz from Colombia.

The Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the area of Coexistence of the Ministry of Education of the same country, which declared the contest of Educational Interest, also accompanied this edition.

In the first two editions of the contest, this ceremony took place within the framework of events representing the States and civil society, such as the 2nd SIPPINNA Forum and the XIII Pan American Congress of Children and Adolescents. In the 2020 and 2021 editions, given the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the awards ceremony was held virtually.

Relive once again the live broadcast of the event:

Watch the video summary of the 2021 edition:

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