Voicing the children’s agenda at the High Level Political Forum


During the month of July, the 2019 High Level Political Forum was held in New York, where world leaders showcased their progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Adolescents were represented by Luis, a young Chilean member of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Children and Adolescents REDNNyAS. Luis met with the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to End Violence against Children, Najat Maalla M’jid, and the Deputy Permanent Representative of Ecuador to discuss the impact of migration in Latin America on children in the region.

“This experience served to demonstrate that we have problems in LAC and that we want them to be heard at the global level; and at the same time, to learn about the problems in other regions of the world. I also believe that this instance serves to generate pressure on the States so that they address the situations we have described in a better way”.

How do you think this experience contributes to the actions you carry out in your community/country?

I think this experience has been quite favorable for the work we do, I was able to learn about situations that other children live in other distant regions and make us more concerned about the situations that children in my country may be living, which perhaps we had forgotten, so I think that the task ahead is great but not impossible.

What is the memory, words or moment that stands out from your experience?

One of the memories that I take with me are the meetings with the missions of the different countries, in addition to the fact that on our last day of activities I lived an unforgettable experience, which was to put on the table the concerns of us as a Latin American and Caribbean network, which are the issues of migrant children and child participation in the processes where issues related to children are discussed.

How will you share your experience with the regional teen group?

This experience will be shared in the form of a meeting via ZOOM where we will communicate in the activities in which I participated, what are the challenges that I believe are ahead of us in the topics discussed, and also, the commitment that we must take as a network in the various issues that have to do with our organizations.