• This annual contest invites children and adolescents from Latin America and the Caribbean, up to 18 years of age, to express their opinions and demands on issues that affect their rights, using art and technology.
  • Entries can be submitted at https://concursozoom.org/, until September 8, 2023. There will be fabulous prizes for group members, educators, and schools.

June 1, 2023. – Computers, tablets, cell phones and other technological devices provide countless opportunities for expression, communication, learning and enjoyment. The generation of content for various social platforms has become part of the lives of children and adolescents. However, inequities in Internet access, cyberbullying, hate messages on social networks, fake news that generate confusion, deception known as grooming, discrimination, and dissemination of images without consent, and the protection of privacy, are situations that affect the rights of all children and adolescents, both in the digital world and outside it.

Within this framework, Save the Children and the Chicos.net Association, with the participation of partner organizations and networks in the region that make up the Civil Society Support Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (PASC) are launching the “Zoom on your rights” contest for the sixth consecutive years. On this occasion, the objective is to know the proposals of children and adolescents from Latin America and the Caribbean, up to 18 years old, to defend their rights in the digital world and promote a responsible, positive, and creative use of the information communication technologies.

As part of the launch of this new edition of the contest, the organizations held a virtual advocacy event. The event had an intergenerational character as it highlighted the voices of children and adolescents from all over Latin America and counted with the participation of international representatives related to children’s rights, such as Lyda Guarin, regional protection advisor of Save the Children, Mary Beloff, independent expert of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (2023-2027) and Luisa Sotomayor, expert on online violence and participation, member of the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (SRSG-VAC).

With the goal of getting participants to express their opinions and demands on issues that concern them, using art and technologies, this annual contest invites them to identify a situation or problem that affects their rights in digital environments, and create a video that expresses it in a creative way.

“We firmly believe that providing opportunities for children and adolescents to express their opinions can contribute to promoting safer digital environments, where their rights are respected.  That is why for us “Zoom to your rights” is more than a contest, it is an educational and participatory project that informs, engages and activates young people as well as the educational community and families on issues that today are fundamental to live in a connected society.” Andrea Urbas, Director of Chicos.net, states and adds that since the first edition, 645 videos have been produced and 3,150 children and adolescents from all over the region have participated.

Victoria Ward, Regional Director of Save the Children for Latin America and the Caribbean highlights: “This year we are hoping that the contest – Zoom on your rights – will awaken the creativity and curiosity of children and adolescents in the region to explore the importance of using social platforms responsibly and safely and to reflect on how their rights could be violated by the risks of the virtual world where false news, distorted realities, harassment and hate abound. Knowing these realities will help them to have the tools to combat them”.

To participate, you must form a group of up to 4 students or participate individually. The next step is to identify a problem related to rights in digital environments, research its implications and show ideas, actions or proposals to solve it in a video of up to 2 minutes.

Prizes for the teams include computers, cell phones, smart watches, among others. Teachers can also find resources to support student participation and, in addition, the school that submits the most videos will receive a projector and a free cell phone for the teacher of the course.

The jury that will evaluate the videos is composed of prominent personalities linked to children’s rights: Mariela Reiman, Director of Chicos. net and expert in digital media, Steve Miller, Global Director of Child Protection at Save the Children International, Marta Benitez, Director of Global Infancia, Marcia Paola Valdiviezo Rodriguez, young activist for the rights of children and adolescents, Sahara Córdoba, Joseph Lasso and Juana Nuñez, first prize winners of the Zoom 2022 Contest, Joel Hernández García, from the International Commission on Human Rights, Alexander Bardales Barrios, Public Affairs Manager of the TikTok team for Spanish-speaking Latin America, and Mabel Bianco, Physician and President of the Foundation for the Study and Research of Women (FEIM).

The initiative is promoted by Save the Children and Asociación Chicos. net, with the participation of partner organizations and networks in the region that make up the Civil Society Support Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (PASC): Acción por los Niños, Ania, Cecodap, Ciprodeni, Equidad, Fundasil, Global Infancia, Ormusa, RedMuch, Paz y Esperanza, Fundación Paniamor, Red Nao Bata Eduque, Redesca, Red de Coaliciones Sur and the networks and movements led by girls, boys and adolescents Rednnyas, Molacnats and Yo también tengo algo que decir (I also have something to say).

This year’s edition of the Contest is supported by the Secretariat of Human Rights of the City of Buenos Aires, TikTok and the Government of Sweden.

More information about the 2023 Contest at www.concursozoom.org / https://pasc-lac.org/en/campaigns/

Inquiries: concursozoom@chicos.net