POEM “The struggle of a giantess”.

POEM "The struggle of a giantess".

Milagros, an adolescent activist and member of Molacnats (Latin American Movement of Working Children and Adolescents), participated in the side event “Generation Equality: Responsibility for Adolescent Girls” at the Commission on the Status of Women 66, sharing the poem “The Struggle of a Giant Girl” about girls’ leadership.

Rimaykullaykichik qalayllaykichik kay NNATs America Latina nisqan sutimpi (Greetings from the NNATs of Latin America).

It is an honor to be able to speak here on behalf of my colleagues.

I am Milagros, the Latin American delegate of the Latin American and Caribbean Movement of Working Children and Adolescent Workers (MOLACNATs), I am 17 years old and I have been a protagonist since I was 14 years old. On this occasion I am going to recite the poem entitled “The Struggle of a Giantess”, of my own authorship, which has as its theme the leadership of girls.

I was 8 years old when I was not allowed to speak because I was small, and when I was 14 years old I could not give my opinion either.

My heart was fluttering like the flags that demand freedom, I can’t help it, I need to have my say.

I need to defend what adults call “rights”, those that are mine but are not given to me.

Inside me, a small flame was lit. It began the struggle of a seed that is now a rose, blooming wherever tenderness needs it.

My struggle, your struggle, our invisible struggle takes shape in these times, where our comrades are mistreated, exploited and murdered.

But now there are many of us and many more to come. We have organized and are on the move. Our life is ours, it is our moment.

Let us raise our voices and write a new social contract that will guide our friends in the search for and construction of a society with equality.

So long live the girls of the countryside and the city.

That the halls of parliament

Where my body is discussed

Are ours by right

Because nothing about us without us

Girl and adolescent who listens to me, strengthen your courage that together we will find ourselves fighting and conspiring with strength, tenderness and sisterhood for the defense of our future and present.

Puririsun ñawpaqma! (Let’s move on. Thank you).