By Daniel Hernandez of Cecodap

There are authors who state that the definition of any learning process is based on the increase of the students’ capabilities, and this can be achieved by making them enjoy the process. Because by perceiving the  teaching as something entertaining, students tend to get involved in it, interacting with classmates and the teacher to raise doubts, seek information and, ultimately, pass the subject.

Teachers have a leading role to play. In this quarantine we lived in an unusual context that led everyone to work from home. Motivation may be affected due to this change of environment.

Here are some recommendations to motivate your students to complete assignments, and in turn increase the internal or external motivation so that doing so is not seen as an obligation.

Contact with students

As this transition from having to watch classes in a classroom to now having to study from home can be difficult, maintaining contact with the teacher can help in the adjustment process knowing that if they have any questions they can be answered. It is also important to show emotional readiness in case the child or adolescent needs it to help in this new dynamic.

Clarity of instructions

It is necessary that all assignments sent home have  clear instructions so that the student can complete them as requested. If the student fails, it is important to review the way in which the instructions were given before failing.

Partnership with parents

Parents do not know how their children learn. It would be important that those particular methods used to teach a child be taught to the parent so that they can have the tools when doing homework at home.

Give another opportunity

Before failing a child or adolescent, it is important to understand that it is not easy for everyone to adapt to this new environment. new dynamic of doing homework at home. Before failing a student, it would be pertinent to ask what was difficult for him/her to do and give him/her another opportunity to achieve the objective.

Considering resources at home

It is important not to assign work that is so elaborate that it requires a lot of materials to accomplish an assignment. In that case, children who cannot afford these materials or cannot go out to buy them due to quarantine will inevitably postpone the activity.

Keeping knowledge active

Assignments that involve previously viewed content will help the student to better grasp the topics taught.

Group work

This will help the student not to lose link with their peers and will also make it easier for them to complete the assignment.


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