Early Childhood Development e-course

750 public managers and technicians take virtual course on early childhood development.

The Virtual Course on Early Childhood Development was held between February 2 and 24, with the participation of some 750 people from all corners of Paraguay. The course was aimed at management and technical teams from the different instances of the System for the Promotion and Integral Protection of the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

The training was developed through the Moodle platform with asynchronous activities, in combination with 8 synchronous meetings through Zoom, with the guidance of experts.

Teresa Martínez, Minister of the Ministry of Children and Adolescents, said on the opening day of classes: “This course is extremely important and transcendental in this process of early childhood care. We are working in coordination with all the ministries and in this specific case with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, with the assistance of Global Infancia, a civil society organization with a long experience in the social protection system (…) Congratulations to everyone for taking the course”, she said.

The program included three modules: 1- Legal framework and public policies for comprehensive early childhood development; 2- Early childhood as part of human development; and 3- Close environments: community and family. They were developed by the teachers Claudia Sanabria, Rocío Florentín and Marta Benítez: Claudia Sanabria, Rocío Florentín and Marta Benítez, who have outstanding experience and training in the field of childhood.

Professor Claudia Sanabria holds a Master’s degree in Family and Child Law from the University of Barcelona and is an expert in Child Social Policies, as well as an undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer. Rocío Florentín has a master’s degree in child and adolescent neuropsychology and neuroeducation and is a consultant on issues related to neurodevelopment, inclusion, early childhood and education. Marta Benítez is director of Global Infancia, psychologist with specialization in education and public policies for children and adolescents and country trainer in Positive Discipline Methodology in Daily Parenting and Positive Discipline Methodology in Teaching.

The program included key concepts linked to the national policy on comprehensive early childhood care, both in relation to regulations and data on the situation of early childhood in the country. Also, the possibility of identifying in their districts service offers for the sector and recognizing the importance of interactions between adults and children in the promotion of child development.

This course was carried out within the framework of the Early Childhood Development Program “Creciendo Juntos” (Growing Together), a consultancy program aimed at providing a training and strengthening service to 40 municipalities in early childhood care actions at the municipal level, implemented by the Ministries of Children and Adolescents and of Public Health and Social Welfare, with the technical support of the organization Global Infancia.